KCE does not always have the necessary expertise in-house or does not have enough resources to execute all studies. Therefore it subcontracts a number of its studies, either entirely or partially, by means of a public tender.

Also in such cases, KCE remains responsible for the coordination and supervision of the project.

A call for tender is the official announcement of a (partially) subcontracted study for potentially interested collaborators or teams. The call for tender is published in the Bulletin des Adjudications/ Bulletin der Aanbestedingen (on the e-Notification platform)

The selection procedure occurs in two steps. 1st step : selecting a short list of three candidates Le jury évalue l’aptitude des candidats à traiter le sujet sur la base de leur expérience et de leur notoriété. Cette première sélection s’effectue sur la base des informations suivantes, qu’il convient de détailler dans la réponse à l’avis de marché :

Programme management
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