KCE symposium on publicly-funded pragmatic practice-oriented clinical trials

  • 12 oktober 2016

KCE Trials would like to thank all speakers and everyone who attended their symposium on publicly funded pragmatic trials on Wednesday 12th October 2016 in Brussels and made the event such a success.

Slides and video clips of the presentations are available via the links below.

The morning session was aimed at investigator and hospital trials team needs, including organisation and conduct of multicentre pragmatic clinical trials while the afternoon session focused on regional and international trial-funding programmes and how they contribute to patient care and healthcare systems.  

Presenter Title Slides
Raf Mertens, 
Welcome NA

Presenter Title Slides
Maggie De Block,
Minister of Health
Welcome NA

Presenter Title Slides
Sarah Puddicombe,
NIHR / University of
Southampton (UK)
The NIHR HTA Programme, introducing the concepts Slides

Presenter Title Slides
Frank Hulstaert,
Update on KCE Trials and available sponsor capacity Slides

Presenter Title Slides
Greet Musch,
The role of FAMHP in the implementation of the Clinical Trial Regulation, patient recruitment, national innovation office and guidance for pragmatic trials Slides

Presenter Title Slides
Sallie Lamb
University of Oxford
Designing and running pragmatic trials to deliver benefits for clinical practice Slides


Presenter Title Slides
Christine Kubiak
What can investigators and trial coordination units expect from ECRIN ? Slides

Presenter Title Slides
Denis Lacombe
Conducting non-commercial trials: the experience of the EORTC Slides

Presenter Title Slides
Frederik Van Acker
The IWT/FWO TBM programme, impact assessment Slides

Presenter Title Slides
Tom Walley
NIHR / University of
Liverpool (UK)
NIHR: improving the health and wealth of the nation through research Slides


Presenter Title Slides
Entela Xoxi
AIFA : focus on registries  and non-commercial trials Slides



Presenter Title Slides
Christoph Coch
KKS Bonn (DE)
Publicly funded trials in Germany and the role of the trial coordination centres (KKS network) Slides


Presenter Title Slides
Vidal Ragout (EU)
The European Commission’s role in funding non-commercial trials Coming soon


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