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2020/December - Latest news from KCE Trials

The whole KCE Trials team wishes you all the best for the festive season and good health and happiness for 2021.  

2020/November - Latest news from KCE Trials

Open calls for proposals – possibilities of funding

2020/September - Latest news from KCE Trials

2020 investigator-led Call has closed - thank you for submitting! 

2020/August - News from KCE Trials Funding Programme

Investigator led call 2020 – the closing date is approaching: 15th September

2020/June - Latest news from KCE Trials Programme

Investigator led call 2020 –Now open – closing date 15th September

2020/May - KCE Trials 2020 Investigator-led call opened 14th May

The KCE Trials 2020 investigator-led call is now open.

2020/March - Impact COVID-19 on KCE Trials funded studies

In these challenging times and with the fast evolving situation due to COVID-19, KCE Trials understands that the priority is treating patients.

2020/February - Latest news from KCE Trials

Recent news from the KCE Trials programme: Two new calls for studies will open in 2020

2019/September Latest news from KCE Trials

3rd Symposium KCE Trials: Hot Topics in Clinical Trials: Developing Research Agendas, New Methods in Trials and Data Sharing, Thursday November 28th

2019/June - KCE Trials 3rd Symposium: Thursday 28th November 2019, Brussels

After the success of the 2016 and 2017 symposia, KCE Trials is happy to announce a third symposium will take place in November.

2019/January - KCE Trials programme update

The KCE Trials team presents you its “pragmatic but yet robust” best wishes for 2019.

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