2020/August - News from KCE Trials Funding Programme

Investigator led call 2020 – the closing date is approaching: 15th September

Our 2020 investigator-led call will be open until September 15th. You can find all information on the call here (including slides of the strengthening workshop of 4th June, at the end of the page). 

Covid-19 trials: an update

Four trials are currently funded by the KCE Trials Programme

The COV-AID trial (sponsor: UZ Gent)

The Dawn Plasma trial (sponsor : UZ Leuven)

The DisCoVeRy trial (sponsor: Inserm, BCC: Hôpital Erasme)

The Confident Plasma trial (sponsor: CHU Liège)

In total, more than 40 sites are recruiting patients in those studies. You can follow recruitment on our dynamic dashboards.
Funding possibilities for other Covid-19 trials 

Our Covid-19 fast track rolling call is still open for applications.  All information on this call can be found here. This call is for rapid response proposals i.e. studies that can be up and running within the next months and rolling, meaning that the selection process starts upon submission and that there is no fixed closing date (the tentative closing date of this call, October 15th 2020 13.00, may be prolonged depending on the availability of funding next year).
Progress in studies
We are happy to announce the following important milestones have been reached for the following studies:

FPI (First Patient In) for the SAFEBOOSC III trial, a pragmatic, open label, multinational randomized phase III clinical trial evaluating treatment based on near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring versus treatment as usual in premature infants.  This trial is a large international initiative from Denmark, and will recruit patients in 6 centres in Belgium

FPI (First Patient In) for the BeNeBio Trial, aiming to reduce the dose of the new generation biologics (IL17 and IL23 inhibitors) in psoriasis patients. This trial is funded in collaboration with ZonMw via the 2018 BeNeFIT call for comparative effectiveness studies.

End of follow-up period for the DOMINO trial, Diet or Medication in Irritable bowel syndrome. The patients were recruited by GPs. The results will be available in October this year.

End of recruitment period for CareRA 2020 trial, COBRA-Slim with or without fast access to TNF blockade for remission induction in early rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The study will follow-up patients for another three years, and results will be available thereafter.

End of recruitment period for the BigBird trial, the effectiveness of a blended care program for the discontinuation of benzodiazepines use for sleeping problems in primary care: a clustered randomized trial. The patients were recruited by GPs. The study will follow-up patients for another year, and results will be available thereafter.
Would you like to become a member of the advisory board of the new Clinical Trials College at Federal Public Service Health?
The Clinical Trials College is looking for physicians, lawyers, and experts in quality control systems to serve on their advisory board (participating in a monthly meeting). For more information about the mission, tasks and competences of the College, the law, and its decrees, please visit www.ct-college.be.
A call to candidates was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 03/08/2020:

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