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To optimise the chance for a successful application,read the top 10 tips and tricks here.

Each call has its own specific forms and documents to be used. You can find the forms for the 2020 investigator-led call here under the section 'Downloads (all documents Call 2020)'.

Useful links on Pragmatic trials

Pragmatic trials are trials that are designed to compare treatment options in a real-world setting, as opposed to explanatory trials that test a physiological or clinical hypothesis, typically to develop new drugs or other treatments. Trials can be pragmatic with regards to several features, such as the way sites and patients are recruited, the choice of outcomes, the interventions and their delivery etc.  

Other resources

Pragmatic Trials

Presentation on pragmatic trials by Professor Sandra Eldridge

In June 2017 KCE Trials was delighted to welcome Professor Sandra Eldridge (Professor of Biostatistics; Director, Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK) to KCE to give a talk on pragmatic trials. This focused on an introduction, some issues, and emerging designs. She also did a Q&A where she gave short answers on many key questions in pragmatic trials. Her talk and Q&A can be viewed via the link below.

Patient Involvement

Sample size

  • You can also find a questionnaire, developed by Pr. Cook from Oxford University, to help applicants better justify their underlying justification of the sample size used in a randomised controlled trial grant proposal. The document can be found here.
  • DELTA2 Guidance – Difference Elicitation in trials

Trial Design & reporting

Risk-adapted approaches

 Health Economics

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