2019/November - 3rd KCE Trials symposium - Hot Topics in Clinical Trials: Developing Research Agendas, New Methods in Trials and Trial Data Sharing

Poster Clinical Trials Symposium 3



9.15 Welcome  
9.30 Slides: The James Lind Alliance, working together to identify and prioritise evidence uncertainties in health and care that could be answered by research Beccy Maeso, Senior Research Manager, James Lind Alliance (UK)
9.55 Slides: The set-up and use of research agendas in the Netherlands Teus Van Barneveld, Director, Knowledge Institute of the Dutch Association of Medical Specialists (NL)
10.20 Slides: Prioritisation of medical needs and applicability for trial selection in Belgium Rene Westhovens, Rheumatologist, Emeritus Prof at KU Leuven, and Irina Cleemput, Senior health economist, KCE (BE)
10.45 Research agendas, panel discussion Speakers, Eva Schoeters, Coordinator of RaDiOrg, Rare Diseases (BE), Harald Moonen, Senior programme manager, ZonMw (NL)
11.05-11.35 BREAK
11.35 Slides: Quality matters: why randomised trials are essential and how we can make them better Shaun Treweek, Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen (UK)
12.15 Slides: Celebrating 4 years of the KCE Trials Programme: lessons learnt and future directions France Vrijens, Head of KCE Trials Programme (BE)
12.30-13.30 SANDWICH LUNCH
13.30 Slides: Data-enabled RCTs, examples from registry-based and EHR based trials Paula Williamson, Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool (UK)
13.55 Slides: Registries of health care data in Belgium: a bird's eye view Stephan Devriese, Senior data scientist, KCE (BE)
14.20 Slides: Using real world data for pragmatic clinical trials: from challenge to opportunity Nicolas Delvaux, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, KU Leuven (BE)
14.45-15.15 BREAK
15.15 Status and impact of sharing of clinical trial data Christian Ohmann, ECRIN, formerly University of Duesseldorf, Clinical Trial Coordination Centre (DE)
15.40 Slides: Data sharing - 20 years of practical experience of EORTC Thierry Gorlia, Lead Statistician and Data Sharing Coordinator, EORTC HQ (BE)
16.05 New Trial Methods and Data Sharing, panel discussion Speakers
16.30 Closing  
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