2019/January - KCE Trials programme update

The KCE Trials team presents you its “pragmatic but yet robust” best wishes for 2019. Let it be a year full of high quality publicly funded clinical trials, with many possibilities of collaboration between all Belgian clinical trials centres, investigators, study coordinators, healthcare professionals and all key people working every day to make the academic clinical research happen in Belgium!

What’s next for 2019? We will finalise the selection of studies from the Benefit Call in collaboration with ZonMw in the Netherlands (6 studies are still in the selection process) and from the national 2018 investigator-led Call (6 studies are still in the selection process). We will also launch our yearly national 2019 call for studies in the summer. More info will be posted on our website and sent to those subscribed to our mailing list. Subscribe yourself here

Update of KCE Trials Programme

The following studies are now closed for recruitment:

  • The ELMO study (KCE-16011): Evidence-based order sets for laboratory tests in GP setting (sponsor UZ LEUVEN/KU Leuven). 12 000 patients have been recruited by 300 GPs. The protocol and the linkage of data methods have been published already. The study report is expected by end of 2019.
  • The Pressure Ulcer Prevention study (KCE-16012): Adding multilayer dressings for pressure ulcer prevention in hospitals (sponsor KCE). 1 634 patients have been randomised by 8 hospitals. The study report is expected mid-2019.
  • The VINCA study (KCE-16015): Vincristin induced neurotoxicity in children (Belgian Coordinating Centre BSPHO). 33 patients have been randomised by 4 centres in Belgium. The study report is expected for mid-2019.

The following studies are currently recruiting patients:

  • The DOMINO study (KCE-16001): Diet vs medication in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (sponsor UZ LEUVEN). This study is recruiting and a 100 GPs will randomise a total of 470 patients.
  • The CareRA2020 study (KCE-16002): Etanercept in early rheumatoid arthritis (Sponsor UZ LEUVEN). This study is recruiting and will enrol 440 patients in 20 hospitals and rheumatology centres.
  • The ADVOR study (KCE-17001): Acetazolamide (Diamox ®) in Decompensated heart failure with Volume OveRload (Sponsor Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg). This study is recruiting and will randomise 519 patients in 24 hospitals. The protocol has been published already. Also check their beautiful study website.
  • The PELICAN study (KCE-17007): Topical or systemic neuropathic pain treatment (Sponsor UZA). This study is recruiting and will randomise 591 patients in 15 hospitals and pain centres.
  • The Beneductus study (KCE-16013): Treatment of open ductus arteriosus in preterm infants (Belgian Coordinating Centre: Hôpital Erasme). This study is recruiting and 6 Belgian centres hope to contribute 150 infants to this Dutch-led study.

The following studies will also start recruiting patients in 2019 (we mention only studies for which the contract has been signed):

  • The BLENDED study (KCE-17003) Blended psychotherapy for major depression (Sponsor UZ LEUVEN/KU Leuven). The study will randomize 504 patients in up to a dozen mental healthcare centres.
  • The BigBird study (KCE-17016): Blended care by GPs for helping their patients stopping benzodiazepines (sponsor UZ LEUVEN/KU Leuven). In this study 1182 patients will be recruited by 120 GPs.
  • The BLING III study (KCE-17005): Continuous vs intermittent beta-lactam in ICU (Belgian Coordinating Centre UZ GENT). The study will randomise 875 patients in 7 hospitals.
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