Study 2019-07 (HSR) Impact of teleconsultation in Belgian healthcare

Ongoing study - Telemedicine has been on the rise for decades. There are various forms of telemedicine, such as 'telemonitoring', in which bodily functions are monitored and registered remotely by a sensor, or 'tele-expertise', in which care providers call on colleagues for advice digitally. 

In this study, however, we focus on 'teleconsultation'. By this we mean an interactive communication between a patient and a healthcare provider by means of a video & audio connection about a health problem and which serves as a replacement for a regular personal contact.

In this project we will only look at teleconsultation for people with a chronic physical illness.

The aim of the research is to gain insight in:

1. The effects and effectiveness of teleconsultation in patients with chronic physical disease. 
2. The barriers and facilitators experienced by healthcare providers and patients when implementing and using teleconsultations
3. How other countries have introduced teleconsultation into their health care system
in order to be able to formulate policy recommendations for the introduction of teleconsultations in the Belgian health care system.
For this research we will study the international scientific literature as well as the experiences in France and the Netherlands.

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