Study 2018-52 (HSR) Forensic youth psychiatry

Ongoing study - Since 2002, so-called 'for-K' beds have been created on a project basis. This is a specific care provision for young people with mental problems and who were judged by a youth court. The federal government is considering to convert the project financing of 'for-K' beds into structural funding within the Belgian hospital financing.

At the request of the Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, the KCE will study what the need is for such care provision. Hereto, mainly qualitative information will be used from interviews with the relevant stakeholders. In addition, the demand for, the offer of, and the use of these 'for-K' beds in recent years will be analysed.

The aim of the study is to gather information that can be useful in the policy decision regarding the structural financing of these 'for-K' beds.

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