Study 2018-08 (HSR) Quality of care offered in breast clinics and in non-certified clinics

Ongoing study - Breast cancer is currently the most frequent cancer and the most frequent cause of cancer-induced deaths in women in Belgium. According to European Parliament endorsed resolution of 2004 and 2006 European member states are expected to ensure nationwide access to certified multidisciplinary breast centres for all patients with breast cancer. 

Since 2008, Belgium has also recognised breast clinics. In December 2013, a new Royal Decree introduced the ‘coordinating breast clinics’, to be distinguished from ‘satellite breast clinics’. In the meantime, many women with breast cancer are still treated outside the recognised centres as medical doctors working in hospitals not recognised as breast clinics are still allowed to treat patients with breast cancer.

The objective of this project is to evaluate the quality of care offered in coordinating breast clinics, satellites and hospitals without recognition (for breast cancer) and to assess whether volume, and processes of care have an impact on survival for breast cancer patients. The study can help decision-makers to evaluate and, if indicated, adjust the existing regulations for breast clinics.

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