Excess mortality and life expectancy of individuals with type 1 diabetes: a rapid review

Diabete 1

KCE Reports 314 (2019)

Under the insurance Law of 4 April 2014 a  “monitoring office for insurance premiums’ was established. Its mission is to examine proposals for premium supplements or refusals by insurances that guarantee the repayment of the capital of a credit (Art. 217).

Article 218 of this law provides that KCE conducts a study to assess whether the premiums charged by the insurers are in line with the evolution of medical techniques and health care, with regard to the main pathologies concerned. This study will be used to accompany a report from the Insurance Commission evaluating the application of the provisions of the law. The present KCE report concerns type 1 diabetes.

Given its technical nature, this report is only available in English.


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