Establishment of the definitive study programme (second step)

1. Thorough evaluation of the shortlisted topics

  • After acceptation of the provisional study programme by the KCE Executive Board, KCE researchers further refine the study topics and assess whether they are feasible.

2. Ranking for the final annual programme

Based on this thorough evaluation, the priority scores awarded to the study topic will be re-evaluated and adjusted downwards or upwards where necessary. Then, the study topics will be reclassified in descending priority.  This classification is divided into three groups.

The first group contains the projects with the highest overall score that are effectively selected for the study programme.

The second group includes a few projects that were awarded a high overall score but seem more difficult to achieve. They will only be performed if new opportunities arise (e.g. in terms of available time or human resources).

The third group contains the projects that have been excluded because they are unfeasible or not relevant.

3. Establishing the final annual programme

The KCE Executive Board will approve the final annual programme for the next year in December, based on the above selection. This study programme will be composed of:

  • approximately 15 new projects ranked according to priority
  • International projects (e.g. EUnetHTA) ;
  • ad hoc projects such as studies requested by the Minister of Health, Technical committees or the Drug Reimbursement Commission of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance's and internal methodological reports essential for the proper functioning of KCE
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