About tenders

A call for tender is the official announcement of a (partially) subcontracted study for potentially interested collaborators or teams.

The call for tender is published in the Bulletin des Adjudications/ Bulletin der Aanbestedingen (on the e-Notification platform)

KCE also publishes on its website a copy of the call that it is issuing, for information purposes. Legislation stipulates that only the tender in the ‘Bulletin des Adjudications’ and, if applicable, in the Official Journal of the European Union, can be considered as an official publication (Article 8, §2 of the KB of 18/04/2017 on public tenders in the classical domains).

Usually the call briefly describes the subject of the study and stipulates the deadlines for applications. The deadline is generally quite short (at minimum 30 days): no formal tender has to be submitted at this stage, only a request for participation (demande de participation /aanvraag tot deelneming) The selection process after the ‘demande de participation’ is described here.

In the case of a direct negotiated procedure, the procedure will be much faster and negotiated in one step only. In this situation the candidate team will be asked to submit the study offer together with their application.

How can I find out about calls for tender issued by KCE?

You can register on our website and select the way you wish to be notified:

  • Through our mailing list: you will receive an e-mail notification whenever a call for tender is published by KCE.
  • Through RSS flux: you will get a RSS notification as soon as a new tender is published on the KCE website.
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