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These last three months we’ve been busy with the first steps of the selection process for the many study proposals we received in September. We’d like to express our gratitude to all committee reviewers (from Prioritisation Group, Panel or Trials Board) who made time to review and comment on the proposals, often on top of their clinical duties in this difficult period that we all live for the moment. 

We are also happy to share with you that results have been recently published for the COV-AID study. It showed no effect of the IL-1 and IL-6 inhibitors (alone or in combination) in recently hospitalized covid-19 patients. This data has also contributed to a meta-analysis, which showed a positive effect of those treatments. The Belgian paper discusses these differences in results. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy festive season and good health and happiness for 2022.

KCE Trials team

megaphone-1_logo Funding Opportunities


All calls have been closed in September: 

  • The investigator-led 2021 call: 6 proposals are still in the selection process (of the 20 we received) and we hope the first of them will be funded and open in 2022.  
  • The commissioning call on Multiple Myeloma: 1 proposal has been received and is being developed further  
  • The BeNeFIT-2 call: 5 proposals are still in the selection process (of the 40 we received) and we expect to sign contracts in Q4 2022 
  • The long Covid call: 3 study proposals have been selected and contracts are being finalised. The studies should open before the spring 
  • The investigator-led 2020 call: one project is still in the selection process, one contact is signed and for 3 other studies contracts are being signed  

Progress in funded studies

We are happy to announce the following important milestones have been reached in the trials below:

All patients are in follow-up


All participants are now in follow-up in the IMCOVAS study, assessing the immunogenicity and safety of marketed vaccines for COVID-19 after regular schedule and adapted vaccine schedules and routes.
The study is led by Dr Katie Steenackers and her team in the centre for vaccination evaluation of U Antwerpen with the participation of ULB Erasme, ITM and UZ Gent.
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Best Cornea
Contract Signed


  The Best Cornea trial compares the transplantation of 2 different types of cornea graft, both commonly used, to determine which is the best corneal transplant technique. The DSAEK graft (the standard of care) and the extremely thin DMEK graft (the most recent development). The chief investigator is Prof. Dr. Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill (UZA). 
DAWN camostat
Trialling self-referral and remote consent via videoconference
  The DAWN camostat trial, testing the efficacy of camostat for COVID-19 infections presenting to ambulatory care, is trialling the addition of self-referral and remote consent via video conference. More information can be found on the website or by scanning the QR code.QR1


Save the date for the Big Bird results conference 12th Feb 22
  The Big Bird Study, on the effectiveness of a blended care program for the discontinuation of benzodiazepine use for sleeping problems in primary care, is planning a conference to present the results on the 12th February 2022. More information and registrations can be found here or by scanning the QR code. QR2
Related research: short survey on tools to support professionals with deprescribing hypnotics
  Several tools are available to support professionals in deprescribing hypnotics. Please complete a short survey (12 questions, 10 mins) to help us understand which tools work in practice & what is missing. Your answers will provide feedback to BelPEP, APB, Domus Medica, and EBPracticenet. 


The KCE Trials complete portfolio comprises 36 studies. more info>> 



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