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About RSS

What does RSS stand for?

RSS is an acronym. It has several meanings, but the most widely used are “RDF Site Summary”, “Really Simple Syndication” and “Rich Site Summary”.

What is RSS?

RSS is a document format for web content sharing.

Why use RSS?

Using suitable software (RSS aggregator or RSS reader), you can receive news published on the KCE site in real time. The RSS aggregator takes you directly to the news page.

How to obtain an RSS reader

There is a range of software for reading RSS feeds, each with its own features. Some web browsers and email readers also offer this function.

KCE does not recommend any specific software. One way to find a reader is to search the web using terms such as: “free rss reader”, or “open-source rss reader”.

How to add an RSS feed to a reader

The following procedure works in most cases:

  • Click on the icon
  • Copy the URL of the page
  • Paste the address in your reader
published on 17-10-2011