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  • International collaboration

    Campbell Collaboration

    The international Campbell Collaboration (C2) is a non-profit organization that aims to help people make well-informed decisions about the effects of interventions in the social, behavioral and educational arenas.

    logo Cochrane Collaboration

    The Cochrane Collaboration is an international not-for-profit organisation, providing up-to-date information about the effects of health care.

    logo EUnetHTA

    EUnetHTA coordinates the efforts of 27 European countries including 24 Member States of the European Union in developing an operational, sustainable European Network for HTA. The general strategic objective of the Network: to connect public national HTA agencies, research institutions and health ministries, enabling an effective exchange of information and support to policy decisions by the Member States.
    KCE's involvement : KCE is "Lead partner" of the EUnetHTA Joint Action for HTA (2010-2012).

    European Observatory

    The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health care systems in Europe.
    The Observatory is a partnership between the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, the Governments of Belgium, Finland, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, the Veneto Region of Italy, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
    The Observatory provides, among others, country-based reports (HiT profiles) given a detailed description of each health care system.
    KCE's involvement : The KCE is responsible for the update of the Belgium health system review report since 2010 via The health systems and policy monitor : Belgium

    logo GIN

    The Guidelines International Network (GIN) is an international not-for-profit association of organisations and individuals involved in clinical practice guidelines. G-I-N seeks to improve the quality of health care by promoting systematic development of clinical practice guidelines and their application into practice, through supporting international collaboration.


    HTAi is the global scientific and professional society for health technology assessment. It is a neutral forum for researchers,agencies, policymakers, industry, academia, health service providers, patients/consumers and other stakeholders. HTAi has members from over 65 countries on six continents.

    logo INAHTA

    The International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) provides a forum for the identification and pursuit of interests common to health technology assessment agencies. The Network aims to: accelerate exchange and collaboration among agencies, promote information sharing and comparison, and prevent unnecessary duplication of activities.
    KCE's involvement : KCE is member of INAHTA since 2004.


    published on 10-07-2011
  • Belgian collaboration

    logo inami

    The Institut National d'Assurance Maladie Invalidité (INAMI): administers and organises healthcare provision covered by compulsory health insurance (pricing, regulation, insurability of beneficiaries, nomenclature, etc.); handles the granting of benefits to the beneficiaries of compulsory insurance (due to work incapacity or maternity and for funeral costs), as well as the invalidity pensions defined by the decree-law of 10 January 1945 concerning the social security of mineworkers and similar workers; monitors compliance with regulations by care dipsensers (in particular the use of the nomenclature) and by insurance organisations; and organises consultation between the different healthcare insurance and benefits actors.

    logo SPF santé publique

    The Federal Public Service for public health, food safety and the environment 
    develops a transparent, dynamic and science-based policy, the aim of which is to guarantee, both now and in the future, quality healthcare, healthy food and a better environment.

    logo SPF sécurité sociale

    The mission of the Federal Public Service for Social Security is to act as a catalyst with the authorities, employers’ and workers’ representatives and the public social security institutions in order to ensure the viability of the social security system. This system must ensure that effective social protection is provided, that each person benefits properly from his or her social rights and that everyone is convinced of the need to contribute correctly to the social security system.

    <img style="WIDTH: 62px; HEIGHT: 35px" alt="logo cpvp" src="/images/uploaded/633263135974835000.jpg" data-cke-saved-src="/images/uploaded/633263135974835000.jpg" border="0"/>

    The Sectoral Committee for Social Security and Health is responsible for ensuring that personal data processed by the social security network does not infringe the privacy of the insured persons. It also has a control mission focusing more specifically on the communication of health data.

    logo AIM

    The Agence Intermutualiste (AIM) is a non-profit organisation that was founded on October 2002 by seven health insurance companies. Its objective is: “to analyse, as part of the task of insurance organisations, the data that they collect and to provide information on this subject”.

    logo CEBAM

    The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBAM) implements Evidence-Based Medicine in the daily medical and paramedical practice in Belgium and within the policy supporting organisations.
    Logo EBM practie http://www.ebmpracticenet.be/

    logo CBIP

    The B.C.F.I. provides continuous training and the updating of knowledge in the field of pharmacotherapy for physicians, pharmacists and dentists.

    logo portail fédéral

    The Belgian Government portal site is aimed at citizens, companies and civil servants. The information is organised according to the user’s needs. The portal site will be expanded regularly to include the latest information and most recent applications.
    The Belgian Cancer Registry Foundation is an institution which collects data concerning new cancer cases in Belgium and makes up statistics from these data.


    published on 10-07-2011