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Ongoing tender : KCE study 2017-11 (HSR) Proposals for a more effective antibiotic policy in Belgium

Tender submission deadline : 22/08/2017 (13u00)

Despite numerous initiatives taken at several levels and the large amount of money that is yearly spent, Belgium ranks high in antibiotic consumption.


This project consists of two major parts, both of which should lead to recommendations on how we can achieve a prudent antibiotic use in Belgium.

1) An inventory will be made of all initiatives on the prudent use of antibiotics and the reduction of antibiotic resistance since 1999. This includes, for example, guidelines, prevention campaigns, registries, protocols for hospital hygiene. This part is carried out by the KCE team, hence it falls outside this subcontracting, but will serve as input for part two.

2) Why is there still an overconsumption of antibiotics in Belgium? This section is the subject of the current call.

This second part aims to identify system dynamics that explain the system's current weak spots (diagnostics), understand (analysis) and find the levers that allow for an improvement  of the system where indicated with the ultimate goal to realize a decrease of antibiotic consumption and a decrease in antibiotic resistance.

Necessary competencies

The high level of antibiotic use is a complex and persistent problem, which necessitates research approaches and tools that are appropriate. It is therefore important that the subcontractor has expertise in analyzing complex problems and disposes of a proper toolbox. The contractor must have proven experience with applying methods for qualitative data collection and analysis in the health sector, developing models / scenarios, and being familiar with systems thinking.

The contractor is responsible for the interviews with relevant actors (within human and veterinary medicine, within policy bodies and administrations, etc.). The contractor will recruit the participants of the qualitative study, conduct the interviews and write out (transcription) and analyze the qualitative data, and develop models / scenarios based on them. The analysis of the data is preferably done with appropriate software. The results of the qualitative research and the models / scenarios are eventually written down in an easy reading English final report, which is delivered 8 months after the start of the outsourcing. All phases in the research process will be conducted in close cooperation and consultation with the KCE team.

The contractor must also have an excellent command (both orally and in writing) of Dutch and French and must be able to report the results of the research into a scientific easy reading English final report.

The contractor is expected to start the project on 1 November 2017.

The information contained in this page does not replace that of the tender notice, which remains the only official publication.

It's strongly recommended to use the attached forms for submission of applications.

published on 22-06-2017