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Study 2016-03 (HSR) Implementation and added benefit of PROMs and PREMs in Belgian health care.

On going study - Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) have been introduced to support patient centred care. PROMs capture a person’s perception of  their health, often with validated generic & disease specific tools that measure aspects such as symptoms, distress, anxiety, functional ability, self-efficacy, unmet needs etc. PREMs capture a person’s perception of their experience with health care or service, often with validated surveys or questionnaires that assess different indicators such as waiting times, quality of communication, involvement in decision making. Some countries have introduced their use in order to improve the overall quality of health care.

This KCE project will provide a ‘state of the art’ on PROMs and PREMs and their added value. We will report on whether and how PROMs and PREMs are currently implemented and impact on the care for adult patients in Belgium. Our aim is to discuss the need for a protocol to implement and use specific PROMs and PREMs to better health care for adult patients.

published on 22-06-2016