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Irina Cleemput

KCE Conference | Monday March 16, 2009 Values thresholds for the cost-effectiveness ratio in health care

The budget allocated with the health care is limited, the authorities must thus carry out choices in the distribution of financial means between the many possibilities of medical intervention. The economic evaluations help to determine if, and up to what point, of the medical care are worth the expenditure. The advantages of a treatment for the patient are evaluated in term “of gained years of life”, or “years of life gained in good health”. When a medical care improves the situation of the patient but is more expensive than the traditional treatment, the question of the one year value of life in good health arises then, in other words: which amount is one ready to pay (value threshold) per year of life (in good health) gained? The value threshold is thus the rising one with beyond which an intervention is considered to be too expensive taking into account the benefit that it brings as regards health.

The hundredth report of KCE studied the values threshold up to what point can be applied in Belgium, and how, at the present time, the Belgian decision makers use economic information at the time of decision making. The results of this study will be presented during the conference; this presentation will be followed of an interactive discussion with a panel of experts. The speakers will be representatives various federal authorities, INAMI, mutual insurance companies, industry of the drug and academic world. With this occasion, the public will be invited to ask questions.

published on 16-03-2009