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HTA Workshop | Collaboration between HTA agencies in practice : learning from actual experiences, Brussels, 2010-10-13>14

On the occasion of the Belgian EU Presidency, the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre organized a workshop on: Collaboration between HTA agencies in practice: learning from actual experiences 13th and 14th of October 2010 , Brussels, Belgium


  • How to practically implement, in the long term, an effective collaboration between agencies from different countries? More specifically, what are the barriers and incentives, legal requirements, country specific sensitivities such as language, but also the technical requirements to establish an effective collaboration. Which practical arrangements can be made to bring the collaboration and JA to a success.
  • How can the often rather different methodological processes used to complete the core HTA model by different agencies be streamlined to establish a fruitful collaboration with mutual trust in each other’s results?

Conference's Slideshows 

EUnetHTA Joint Action (Kristensen F. Børlum) 

Common HTA structure - key to sharing (I. Pasternack)

HTA in Germany: Collaboration between players (S-L. Antoine)

Collaboration between HTA agencies.AUnETS: The Spanish Network for HTA. (I. Imaz)

Clients, users and the collaboration possibilities for a HTA Agency (O. Solà-Morales)

Collaboration in WP5 of EUnetHTA. First experiences (w. Goettsch)

Experience in national and transnational Collaboration in HTA (E-M Baumer and I. Rosian-Schikuta)

HTA cooperation in the EU Lessons learnt (A. Lamark Tysse)

published on 13-10-2010