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The mission of KCE

Our mission

KCE’s mission is, on the basis of scientific analysis and research, to advise policymakers on decisions relating to health care and health insurance.

KCE is not involved in the decision-making or implementation process. Instead, its role is to identify and shed light on the best possible solutions, in the context of an accessible, high-quality health care system with due regard for growing demand and budgetary constraints. Further, KCE supports care providers by developing clinical guidelines, gearing these towards the evolving body of scientific knowledge and publishing on methodologies that serve as a guide for other health care researchers.

KCE is involved in four main domains

  • Good Clinical Practice: developing clinical practice guidelines
  • Health Technology Assessment: evaluating medical technologies and medicinal products
  • Health Services Research: investigating the optimal means of organising and funding health care
  • Methods: developing effective research instruments

Our seven core values

  • Scientific excellence and quality
  • Intellectual independence and objectivity
  • Performance, accessibility, quality and safety of health care
  • Dynamic communication
  • Focus on patients
  • Dialogue and consultation
  • Transparency and good governance
published on 08-07-2011