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Proposal for KCE’s annual program 2018

The proposals of study subjects for the 2018 annual program of KCE are no longer accepted beyond the September 6, 2017 at 20:00.

If you wish to be informed when we launch our new call for study subjects (for 2019 and following annual program), please register here (select 'Call for study subjects')

Contact information of the person submitting the research topic
Person who submits
Institution (if applicable)
Contact person (if different from the person above)
1. Title of the proposed research topic

Please limit to 250 characters.

2. Problematic

Please limit to 15 lines.

3. Policy relevance

-- To what extent can this study contribute to decision-making?

-- Which government agencies are involved and/or interested in this research?

-- When at the latest is this decision-making expected?

  Please limit to 15 lines

4. Research questions

-- Which questions should be answered by the KCE in order to contribute to the solution of the problem that was described above?

-- Limit the number of questions to one or two, never more than three.

Please limit to 3 lines per question and describe the research questions as concisely as possible.

5. Importance of the research topic

Different elements can contribute to the importance of the proposed research topic:

a) Frequency

-- Does this topic concern a large number of patients, sickness episodes, health care providers and/or care institutions?

-- Please quantify with objective information such as prevalence and/or incidence and mention your sources.

 Please limit to 10 lines.

b) Severity

Does this topic represent a serious problem concerning

  • health or health care

-- health, life expectancy, quality of life … of the patients
-- efficacy, quality, continuity… of health care
-- accessibility (non financial), health inequalities
-- social and ethical aspects

  • economic aspects

-- affordability for patients and/or government
-- efficiency or efficient use of available resources

Please limit to 10 lines.

c) Room for improvement

Will the proposed research be able to improve the problem which is described in point 2? If yes, in which of the mentioned dimensions? Which obstacles can be expected?

Please limit to 10 lines.

6. Additional information ?

Define the appropriate methodology for this research. Indicate which data are necessary for this Research. Indicate whether there is already evidence with regard to the proposed research topic.

Mention names of persons or institutions that could be considered as references.