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How to submit a research topic for KCE’s annual programme ?

At his moment, the KCE is preparing its annual research programme for 2018.

The proposals for research topics can be submitted by filling in an online form, at the latest on September 06 2017 at 20:00.

The eligibility and priority criteria are available here.

Example of form

1. Assessment of the eligibility criteria

In order to be taken into account, the topic must meet the following requirements:

  • Did the KCE receive the form at the latest on 6th September 2017 at 20:00.
  • Was the form clearly and entirely completed? Does it allow priority assignment based on the criteria mentioned below?
  • Does the topic belong to one of KCE’s activity domains:
    - Good Clinical Practice (guidelines),
    - Health Technology Assessment
    - Health Services Research
    Research proposals implying the financing of interventional diagnostic or therapeutic studies (clinical trials) will not be considered for the annual programme, but they may be eligible for the KCE Trials programme.
  • Has this topic already been studied by KCE? Does KCE or another public organisation (e.g. Hoge Gezondheidsraad/Conseil Supérieur , WIV/ISP,…) perform or plan a study on the topic? All published KCE-reports as well as the list of all planned or ongoing projects are available on the KCE-website.

2. Assessment of the priority criteria

In September, the KCE will make a priority ranking of the topics based on the following criteria:

  • Policy relevance of the proposed topic in terms of decision aid in health services ;
  • Frequency, severity, and room for improvement of the health problem related to the proposed topic;
  • Feasibility of the proposed study.

For more details on the priority criteria and the methodology, click here.

In order to make the assessment process as neutral as possible, all proposals are anonymised.

3. Selection of topics

First step

  • The priority ranking will be presented to KCE’s Executive Board in October. The Board will then select a shortlist of topics for the provisional study programme of 2018.
  • In November, the initiators of the proposals will be informed whether their proposal was selected for the shortlist.

For more details on the methodology of this step, click here

Second step

  • For each topic on the shortlist, the KCE will perform a limited pre-analysis to assess more precisely the methodological feasibility of the study, the availability of data (if applicable) and an estimation of the workload required for the study.
  • Only those proposals of the shortlist will be retained that are truly feasible, taking into account time, budget constraints and human resources.
  • These topics will be presented to the Executive Board in December. The Board will then establish the work programme for 2018.
  • In January the initiators will be informed whether their proposal was selected for KCE’s 2018 work programme.

For more details on the methodology of this step, click here

4. Who will conduct the study?

  • Either the KCE researchers.
  • Or KCE researchers in collaboration with an external scientific team which was selected on the basis of a public tender. 
  • The initiator of the proposal can possibly be invited as an external expert. He can also apply for a tender, if the KCE decides to launch one. 
published on 01-06-2016