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Establishment of the definitive study programme for 2018 (second step)

At his moment, the KCE is preparing its annual research programme for 2018.

The proposals for research topics can be submitted by filling in an online form, at the latest on September 06 2017 at 20:00.

Example of form

1. thorough evaluation of the shortlisted topics

After acceptation by the Board of the provisional study programme, the KCE researchers will elaborate an “amended topic proposal form” (tpf) for the about 20 topics that were shortlisted. These “amended tpfs” should further refine the study topics and assess whether they are realistic.
The following aspects will be further explored in depth: the definition of the problem, its policy relevance, current knowledge of the topic, the research questions and related methodology and essential data. Also the time and resources needed to conduct the study will be assessed.

2. ranking for the final programme

Based on the information on the “amended tpfs”, the priority scores awarded to the study topic will be re-evaluated and adjusted downwards or upwards where necessary. Then, the 20 study topics will be reclassified in descending priority.

This classification is divided into three groups.

  • The first group contains the projects with the highest overall score that are effectively selected for the 2018 study programme.
  • The second group includes a few projects that were awarded a high overall score but seem more difficult to achieve. They will only be performed if new opportunities arise (a.o. in terms of available time or human resources).
  • The third group contains the projects that have been excluded because they are infeasible or not expedient.

3. establishing The 2018 study programme

The Executive Board will approve the 2018 study programme in December, based on the above selection. This study programme will be composed of:

  • about 20 new projects which, in terms of priority
  • international projects (within the framework of EUnetHTA and HiT);
  • ad hoc projects such as studies requested by the minister, technical committees or the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance's Drug Reimbursement Commission during the year, and internal methodological reports essential for the proper functioning of the KCE. 
published on 01-06-2016